Some of the highly desired fishes can be found in the Arizona waters, so it attracts a vast number of people. In order to have a structured and ordered system, there is a need to put in place certain rules and regulations to guard the Arizona fishing waters.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is the body responsible for creating, implementing, and sustaining the regulations. Fishing won’t be possible without first purchasing an Arizona fishing license. It is quite a straightforward process, and in this article, we will look at some important questions.

Who Needs the Arizona Fishing License?

Just as any other state such as Alabama, Alaska, Texas, and the likes, the state of Arizona requires that anyone who desires to fish in its waters would need to have an Arizona fishing license.

Among other states, Arizona is known to have quite a low age requirement. Whether you are a resident or not, if you hit the minimum age requirement of 10 years, you are required to purchase a license to fish in any of its public waters.

How Much Does an Arizona Fishing License Cost?

There is more than one type of Arizona fishing license; thus, the cost is different. Depending on which fits you, then that would determine how much you will be spending on your license.

There are basically five types of Arizona fishing license out there; they include the

  • The general fishing license
  • The youth combo hunt and fish license
  • The combo hunt and fish license
  • The general hunting license
  • The short-term combo hunt and fish license.

As an angler, you are required to have a general license whether or not you are resident of the state. The cost for a general license is only $37 for residents and only $57 for non-residents.

If you plan to engage in some hunting spree alongside fishing, then you need a combo hunt and fish license, which costs $57 and $160 for residents and non-residents, respectively. Then, if you plan a short fishing trip, and you will love to pay daily for your license, perhaps you are not certain the exact number of days you will be staying, then we recommend you purchase a short-term combo hunt and fish license, which cost only $15 per day for residents and $20 per day for non-residents.

You should also note that other licenses have a validity period of 365 days starting from the first day of purchase with exclusion to the short-term hunt and fish.

How to Purchase Arizona Fishing License?

There are various ways for you to purchase a license. It can be done online or offline. One of the easiest ways is to visit the website of the Arizona game and fish department, or you can go to their office or a tackle shop or an outdoor sporting goods store. You can check this link if you want to know more about the authorized license sellers.

How to Replace Lost Licenses?

It could happen that you misplaced your license along the line and want to know if it’s possible to replace it? The answer is yes. If you bought yours from their office, then you can visit them, present an affidavit, and then you can get it reprinted at zero cost.

What Is the Other Type of License Available in Arizona?

There are other special types of licenses that does not fall other the basic categories mentioned earlier. These licenses are meant to cater for special needs and a special set of people. Let’s look at some of these special Arizona Fishing licenses.

Disabled Veteran License

Veterans who are able to provide a certificate as proof, stating their disconnection from service due to a 100 % disability directly caused by their active service are given a special type of license. This certificate has to be verifiable by the administration.

This type of license has a one-year residency requirement in order for it to be approved.

Pioneer License

A special pioneer license is granted to anyone over the age of 70 who has lived in Arizona as a bona fide resident for the three years preceding the application.

Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll be given a free pioneer license.

Apprentice Hunting License

This AHL license is given for free to those who are already hunters, and for those who are willing to recommend a friend or be a mentor to others.

This type of license is available to those who are residents and those who are non-residents and is also valid for a period of any 2 days (consecutive days) for the hunting of non-game birds, predatory, upland game birds, fur-bearing, all in that season.

There is a requirement that you have to be at 18 years of age to be eligible for at least 2 apprentice hunting licenses per year.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout High Achievement License

If you are at least 20 years old, or you are a scout who has successfully attained the apex in your organization, then you are eligible for this special kind of discount. If the necessary documentation is presented, then you will be able to purchase a license for just $5.

Some other FAQs

Q1. What is Daily Bag Limit?

The daily bag limit is the maximum number of fish that can be legally caught and kept in one day. This means that any fish you catch but do not return to the water counts against your daily bag limit. The daily bag limit includes items you have chosen and given to another person. Every midnight, the limit is reset.

Q2. What Qualifies Me to Be a Resident? 

An Arizona resident is anyone who has lived in the state for a minimum of 6-months and claims Arizona as their true, fixed, and permanent home and principal residence. If you are in the army and you are on active duty, stationed in Arizona, for a temporary or permanent assignment, then you are also considered as a resident.

Q3.  What Are the Top Fishing Destinations in Arizona?

Arizona Fishing License - Arizona Map

Lake Havasu is one of the most popular fishing spots in the state. The lake, known as the “West Coast of Arizona,” is a popular winter fishing destination.

Another popular destination is the lake pleasant regional park which over 12 fishes can be found here, and Cottonwood’s Dead Horse Lake, which is known to always welcome anglers with a vast lagoon of excellent largemouth bass and trout fishing.

Q4. What Are the Most Common Fishes Caught in Arizona? 

Arizona Fishing License

Arizona is home to vast freshwater and marine fishes. Here you can find the Bluehead sucker, Apache Trout, the famous Flathead Catfish, the rainbow trout, the desert sucker, and so many other great fishes.

Final Thoughts

Fishing in the Arizona waters is indeed worth every penny it may cost you, and as a true Angler, you sure will love an experience such as this. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a moment of a lifetime.


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