Alaska Fishing License

The waters of Alaska have lots of desirable fishes and this attracts a lot of people to these waters. But before you dream of fishing in Alaska, ensure that you know the rules and regulations that guide fishing in that area. Before you can fish in the state of Alaska you should have purchased your sports fishing license and a king salmon stamp if you are interested in going for special fishes. 

Who Needs the Alaska Fishing License?

In other to fish in Alaska you must have a fish license, just like in states such as Arizona, Alabama, and Florida, the Alaska fishing license has age and other requirements, so if you must go fishing as a resident or visitor you must meet these requirements and get your license ready.

How Much Does an Alaska Fishing License Cost?

Alaska Fishing License

So many people wonder what is the Alaska Fishing License Price? Well, there are various types of fishing license that can be purchased in Alaska, such as the annual fishing license for residents, fishing license for the blind, low income license for residents etc. These various licenses also vary in prices which I will in the list below:

Alaska Residents

  • Alaska sports fishing license: $29
  • ADF&G Permanent Senior ID Card (60 and above): Free
  • Resident low income: $5
  • Sports Fishing license for the Blind: $0:50


The various license below are Alaska nonresident fishing license      

  • Sports fishing license for one day: $25
  • Sports fishing license for three days: $45
  • Sports fishing license for seven days: $70
  • Sports fishing license for fourteen days: $105
  • Annual license for sports fishing: $145
  • Annual sports fishing license for military non-residents: $29

King Salmon Stamps

–  Resident king salmon stamp: $10

–  Non-resident stamp for one day: $15

–  Annual stamps for non-residents: $100

–  Annual stamps for military non-residents: $30

Check carefully from the list above, and you should be able to tell anyone the Alaska Fishing License Price.

Age for Alaska Fishing License?

Just like other states such as Florida, the age for purchasing the Alaska sports fishing license and the king salmon stamps is as from 16 years and above. Anyone not up to the age of 16 will not be able to purchase any these licenses listed above.

Where Can I Purchase the Alaska Fishing License?

If you are wondering where you can purchase an Alaska sports fishing license, it is not far-fetched. You can purchase it online via the website of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, or visit any of their offices, sporting goods store or tackle shop in Alaska. The king salmon stamps can also be purchased online and in these aforementioned shops.

How Do I Replace Lost/Stolen License?

The process of replacing a lost or stolen license is very simple. You can walk to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office, with an affidavit and it will be reprinted for you at no charge.

What Are the Various License Formats?

  • Electronic/Printed License:

You can get this format at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office, also at some other license vendors, as well as online stores. When you have purchased your license, it will be given to you in a pdf format. Firstly, you can carry an electronic or printed license in three ways. First, you can print a personal copy of your license, sign it, then take it everywhere, and at all times. Secondly, you can download the soft copy on your mobile device, then sign it with the electronic device available. Thirdly, you can print it out, sign it, take a snapshot of it with the camera of your mobile.

  • eSigned Licenses:

You can only get this format on the online store via your Alaska Department of Fish and Game account. When you purchase this license via your Alaska Department of Fish and Game account, an eSigned license will automatically be provided for you. You can either store and view this license on your devices or print it out and take it everywhere you go.

  • Carbon Copy Licenses:

This particular format can be gotten from very few vendors as well as some Alaska Department of Fish and Game offices. This kind of license is written by hand and you as the licensee is given a personal carbon copy so that if the license is misplaced, then a duplicate will be issued at a low cost of only $5.

Alaska Fishing License for Resident Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans who are residents of Alaska can apply for a disabled veteran’s license, if they meet the Fish and Game residency definition. Once they complete the application and it is approved through the online store or any Fish and Game office, they will be issued both the disabled veteran’s license and identification card without charges.

Alaska Fishing License for Resident Seniors

Resident seniors who are 60 years and above will have to meet the Fish and Game Residency definition before they can secure a permanent identity card (PID). And then they can get license for Alaska license for resident seniors.

Is the King Salmon Stamp Important?

Alaska Fishing License

Yes, it is very important. This is mostly for those of who wants to fish the famous anadromous; with exception of residents who are below 18 years of age and those are who are non-residents below 16 years of age, also residents who have blind fishing license, low-income license, senior permanent identification card, or disabled veteran’s license.

Can I Get A Refund of License Fees?

Refunds are managed by the 5 AAC 93.530 code of the Alaska administrative. To get a refund of your license fees you should send request for refund in written form and don’t forget to include your personal original license and any other supporting documents for the refund. The address to send it to:

“State of Alaska
Department of Fish and Game
Attn: Licensing/Refund
PO Box 115525
Juneau AK 99811-5525”

How Long is My License Valid?

The expiry date of your license is 31st December of the year it was purchased. This is excluding trapping licenses and short-term non-resident fishing licenses. The expiry date for short term non-resident fishing licenses is normally 1,3,7, or 14 days, while the expiry date for trapping licenses is 30th of September of the following year before the starting year.


Fishing in Alaska is surely a wonderful experience and you should do all you can to get your license. The guide above will help you do that and you will definitely have a nice time in the waters of Alaska.


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