Acquiring a Colorado fishing license is quite an easy process. The fishing license is valid for all fishing spots throughout the state. A Wildlife Habitat Stamp needs to be purchased in order to get a Colorado fishing license. However, since it is a part of most applications, applicants need not stress about it.

Who Needs to Get a Colorado Fishing License?

Anyone over the age of 16 needs to get a valid Colorado fishing license. Both residents and non-residents need to have a Colorado fishing license, and the available options are different for both groups. A resident is someone who has been living in Colorado for over six months continuously. Your residency can be proved through a state-issued driver’s license, utility or income tax bill, or social security number.

How Much Does a Colorado Fishing License Cost?

A wide range of options is available with regards to a Colorado fishing license, depending on a resident’s status and age. While some offers are specific to the residents of Colorado, the ones who are from out of town can opt for short-term licenses that are not available to the anglers who are originally from Colorado. Substantial discounts are available to the youth and senior citizens of Colorado who wish to go fishing. A lifetime Colorado fishing license is also available for low-income resident seniors.

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The one-day Colorado fishing license costs $13.90 for the residents and $16.94 for the non-residents. The 5-day license does not apply to citizens and costs $32.14 for non-residents. The cost for the additional day license is the same for both residents and non-residents, which is $6.81, and the same goes for the additional rod license, which is $10.87. The adult annual license costs $35.17 for residents and $97.97 for non-residents, the youth annual one costs $9.85 and is not applicable for non-residents, the senior annual license is $9.85 for residents and not applicable for non-residents, and the low-income senior lifetime license costs $9.85 for residents and does not apply for non-residents.

You should show the proof of your status and, at times, age to acquire these Colorado fishing licenses. Your social security number needs to be with you as well. You need an affidavit or the latest tax returns in order to explain your situation and prove to receive the senior lifetime license. A $1.75 charge is included in all the prices, and this covers a search-and-rescue charge and also an educational fee.

Who is Eligible for a Free Colorado Fishing License?

Children who are below the age of 16 do not require a Colorado fishing license. They just need to be accompanied by an adult who has their fishing license with them. You can apply for a free hunting and fishing combo license if you belong to the military veterans category with over 60% disabled from active duty. However, you should be a resident of Colorado. The Purple Heart recipients are included in this.

For the residents, you can take the lifetime free fishing license with disabilities through Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Your status can be proved through a letter from a physician stating that you are permanently and totally disabled, seven years of disability benefit, or a document from the Department of Workers’ Compensation. Anyone eligible for a free Colorado fishing license can fish without purchasing the Wildlife Habitat Stamp.

Where Can You Buy Your Colorado Fishing License?

Getting a Colorado fishing license is an easy and efficient process. All the options are present for both the residents as well as anyone out-of-state. You can either buy one over the phone by dialing 1-800-244-5613, where you can talk to a trained sales representative who will take you through the whole process. You can also acquire the Colorado fishing license in person from a licensed retailer or a CPW location. Several official vendors are present all across the state, including Walmart, hardware stores, and tackle stores. You can also buy the fishing license online by ordering it from home. All you need to do is create the account and fill the form online.

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When someone applies for a short-term fishing license, they will not get a paper copy of their license. Instead, you will get a temporary authorization number (TAM) to use as a license. If you order an annual license online or by phone, your license will reach you within 14 days. In case you want to get fishing right away, make sure you have your temporary authorization number, and you can then fish till your license gets there.

When Does a Colorado Fishing License Expire?

The annual Colorado fishing licenses are valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. You will have to apply renewals for the next year before March 31, so they can continue fishing. For short-term licenses such as 1-day, 5-day, or additional day licenses, it will expire at midnight on the final day from the time of purchase.

Stay validated and updated for the range of fishing licenses that you may need to enjoy this recreational activity.

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