Getting a fishing charter these days is much easier than it was years ago. For anyone looking for Key West fishing charters, for instance, can find plenty of options to suit their needs and requirements. What is a fishing charter, then, you might wonder?

A fishing charter is an excursion service provided by professional fishers and boat owners. The guests get to go out onto a body of water with the intention of catching fish.

Things to Know About Key West Fishing Charters

What to Carry on a Fishing Charter

The things you carry on your Key West fishing charter can enrich your experience further. Most of the fishing charters already provide the necessary fishing equipment. Still, it is best to check with the service beforehand so that you are prepared, especially if you go out from a different location. Here are the necessary items to carry with you on a fishing charter:

Food and Beverage

Ensure to carry enough snacks because you cannot go back once you leave on your Key West fishing charter. Carrying coolers is a good idea, but most of the fishing charters have their own cooler space and ice available for the guests. Bringing plenty of water and fluids for yourself and your family members is essential because staying hydrated is the key to enjoying the fishing charter experience.

Things to Know About Key West Fishing Charters Fishing Lures


The thing is that unpredictable wear can make for different kinds of key west fishing charter experiences. Therefore, being prepared is not an option, which is why you must make sure you are wearing clothes that can protect you against rain, sunlight, and wind. Keep some rain gear so that you stay protected from downpours or sea spray. Carry some light clothes as well, such as t-shirts, shorts, or breezy dresses to keep you cool under the sun. Hats and polarized sunglasses should be carried along as a part of your attire as well. Those will help your eyes to stay protected from the glare of the water. Gloves should be a part of your trousseau, too. It will save yourself from sunburn, line cuts, or bad weather.

Key West Fishing Charters Clothing


Seasickness is something you could experience on a fishing charter. If not that, you should still be prepared to face any sudden minor medical emergencies, which is why carrying medical essentials is imperative. Carry some seasickness medication, and be sure to consume it a couple of hours before the key west fishing charter trip. Make sure not to combine it with coffee or have too much to drink the night before.

Keep some bug spray to ensure the creepy crawlies stay away, and also carry hand sanitizer because hygiene is a must on every trip. Make sure you have extra band-aids and antiseptic creams with you. You will need it if you cut yourself or the like.

Personal Protection

Personal protection items need to be carried on such fishing trips. Sunscreen is one of the essential items to carry in this regard to protect yourself against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, sunburns, and so on. Be sure to carry a sunscreen that has SPF 50 or above.

Lip balm or chapstick should be carried as well, and see to it that your lip balm has SPF, too, so as to protect against chapped or sunburned lips. Polarized sunglasses and hats, as mentioned earlier, should also be a part of your personal protection on a fishing trip. Ensure to carry water bottles and hand towels along.

Things to Expect on Fishing Charters

Whether this is your first Key West fishing charter experience or not, there are some things you should know about before embarking on this fun trip. Here are a few things that you may come across on your fishing charter ride:

The Captain’s Speech

Speeches are not fun to listen to most of the time, but you must pay attention to the captain’s speech before the trip begins. In addition to greeting the guests, a captain also provides other important information relevant to the guests. This includes the itinerary of the trip, how to set up, how to use your fishing equipment, and the location of the safety equipment. Ask any questions you have right away, so you do not get confused later.

Key West Fishing Charters

Dropping the Line

On reaching the fishing spot, the boat will come to a halt. The captain will then provide instructions about dropping the line. Listen in carefully whether you are a beginner or not because captains are experienced professionals who have been doing this for a long time and can provide some insightful tips.

Fish Bags and Big Wins

Perhaps you are already carrying a bag to keep the fish you catch, you will still be asked if you want a bag, and you should say yes just in case the bag you have gets overloaded. For big groups, the crew often provides the opportunity to pay into a jackpot. To keep the fun alive, you might want to consider paying in because you could end up winning the jackpot.

Prepare for Rough Weather

If you don’t suffer from seasickness, count yourself lucky because your fishing trip will go smoothly. However, you never really know about the sea, which is why you could end up feeling nauseated or queasy, especially if the weather out there is rough.

In case you begin to feel seasick, grab the medicine you brought along with you and have it. Keeping your eyes on the horizon is a helpful tip to ease the discomfort you might experience from the queasiness.

Meeting New Creatures

Fishing charters are about experiencing the majestic underwater creatures. Keep your camera ready because there will be many gorgeous new creatures you witness on your fishing trip.

Key West Fishing Charters Meeting New Creatures


The underwater world is truly a wonder, and every hydrophile out there loves to explore it as much as possible. If you are someone who loves to be around water and go fishing, you absolutely must try fishing charters. You can rent Key West fishing charters at set rates depending on the time limit. You can even customize them depending upon the needs of the independent group.

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